Friday, May 11, 2018

Pay-Per-Click Landing Page Experiment

Landing pages are important in the strategy of a paid post-click, and many pay-per-click (PPC) professionals are aware of this. Is it worth the time, energy and cost to make several landing pages that are targeted to meet a specific need?

Creating over-the-top landing pages and going through the cost and anxiety of setting them up can be justified, especially when you are going over it with a customer.

Adding Videos To Landing Pages
A client needs three landing pages for their business and wants to add videos to the landing pages. You might find out that the videos on the landing pages did not do well and you will have to remove them. After removing the video, you will find that the landing pages are performing well. During this period, you may consider adding more landing pages to the project.

Service-Specific Landing Pages vs. Geo-Specific Landing Pages
Creating and managing many city-specific landing pages may be quite alarming, so it may be better to transfer to landing pages geared toward offering services. You will realize that the quality score is not an issue, and the performance of the landing pages will be enhanced. The ease at which you manage the landing pages will be good and you may be able to increase your reach to 50 metro areas. If you stay with these strategies for the next few years, you will find that the results are good.

Returning From Service-Specific to Geo-Specific
After a while, you may decide to return to the video method used earlier, and see what happens. Create a city-specific landing page with videos and you will be surprised at how well they do. We tested this out and found a 60 percent increase in the cities that were tested. This was a great improvement. We were given the approval by our client to create 50 city-specific landing pages with videos that were specifically for that city, and for all the metro areas that were serviced by the client. This project had taken a year before it was completed, due to the amount of work that was involved to get the landing pages and the videos created.

What Were The Results?
The hard work paid off and the results were wonderful. The landing pages performances were a great contributor to the project. Involved in this project was the testing of other updates and changes that were made. These changes were added to all the landing pages, and the results were amazing.

What Lessons Can Be Learned From This Project?
PPC per-click lessons learned is the importance of landing pages. They can have a great influence on your projects and should never be undervalued.

Never Give Up Experimenting
Because technology is constantly changing, and companies grow at the same rate, things you tried earlier, that did not do well should never be pushed aside forever. If you tried it before and it did not work, try it again at a later time, maybe a few years in the future, and you may be surprised at the good results it produces.

PPC 101's Power Should Not Be Underestimated
The strategies that were used in this PPC experiment with the landing pages and the videos were not groundbreaking strategies, but the basics of PPC. Any PPC professional can replicate the methods that were used and receive excellent results.

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